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The center is part of the College of Management, NSYSU. It consists of three groups:

  • Training and Advancement Group: Conducts social enterprise seminars and forums, and publishes related research. Fosters interactions between academic researchers and practicing business people. Trains professional personnel.
  • Research and Development Group: Executes research projects related to social enterprises at the request of businesses and associations.
  • Consultation and Guidance Group: Provides consultation and guidance for introducing and practicing social enterprise projects; assists with the construction of business models.

A consultation committee within the center employs professionals in related fields as consultants to offer advice and guidance for the development and policies of the center.

  • Director: Yih JENG (Associate Professor, Finance Department)
  • Leader of Research and Development Group: Yih Jeng (Associate Professor, Finance Department)
  • Leader of Advancement Training Group: Chin-Chang Tsai (Associate Professor, Public Affairs Department)
  • Leader of Consultation and Guidance Group: Koching Chao (Assistant Professor, Si Wan College)
  • Executive Secretary: Li-Chiung Lo
  • Project Manager: Guan-Hao Chen