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The Social Enterprise Development and Research Center was established in 2012 at National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU).

The purpose of the center is to conduct research in innovation, social responsibility, and industrial economic development. By looking creatively at societal issues, drawing on resources from various academic disciplines and setting up social enterprises, we want to improve the quality of life for people in Taiwan.

 Main missions 

  1. Encourage theories and practical research related to social enterprise issues
  2. Initiate and execute research projects related to social enterprises
  3. Provide consultation and guidance for social enterprise projects
  4. Cultivate and train professional personnel with social enterprise responsibilities and innovative industrial ideas
  5. Hold seminars and forums related to social enterprises
  6. Publish academic and practical research related to social enterprises

Specific goals 

  1. Execute research projects and offer consultation related to social enterprises at the request of various businesses and associations.
  2. Train volunteers and personnel to strengthen their core abilities and management abilities.
  3. Improve employment security and sustainable industrial management in line with governmental policies.
  4. Assist non-profit associations and corporations to execute social enterprise action plans, construct business models, and innovate social business.
  5. Foster interactions between academic researchers and practicing business people, both domestically and internationally. Promote domestic innovation in social enterprises and elevate our global competitiveness.
  6. Establish social venture capital funds, raise funds to invest in social enterprises, and improve people’s quality of life.
  7. Build an internet platform for social enterprises to exchange information, integrate activities, provide links to relevant domestic and international websites, and promote the ideals and actions of social enterprises.
  8. Combine current resources with capital raised through crowd-funding to realize the ideals of social enterprises.