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One- Transdisciplinary scope

Social enterprises business model development and practice, innovation and application of technology, start-up management.

Two- Problem solving solutions

This course will enable students to construct business plans for social enterprises. Students will apply and improve their abilities of critical and innovative thinking, will learn to start up enterprises, and will do this with social awareness in mind. This course will thus prepare students to start social enterprises or to disseminate social awareness in the jobs they will have. As such, this course will allow students to contribute to solutions for social problems facing society.

Three- Practical benefits of the course

Students will design and present proposals for social enterprise business plans. As we generate feasible business plans, we will offer them as complete start-up business designs to interested members of the general public. Students can provide guidance toward implementation of the plans, or start up a social enterprise themselves. Either way, the projects will contribute to solutions for social problems.

Four- Transdisciplinary degree

Transdisciplinary degree


跨科技關鍵內涵自評 Transdisciplinary key self-evaluation

專業 Professionalism

整合 Integration

溝通 Communication

語文表達 Verbal expression

共識與合作 Consensus and cooperation

社會覺知 Social awareness

著重作中學的學習 Focusing on learning from practicing

創新 Innovation