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1. Social Innovation Co-working Platform for sustainable social responsibility of enterprises (2018)

This project brings together governments, educational institutions, local enterprises and available social resources in a Social Innovation Co-working Platform. The Platform focuses on four topics: sustainable cities and countries, integrated communities, climate action, and environmental preservation. We hope to make these topics major themes in Kaohsiung and to initiate a sustainable economy and environment by constructing a blueprint for action on these topics. To this end knowledge, spreading out from campuses in the area, will have to merge with needs and habits of local cultures. As an educational institution, we want to spur students’ awareness and imagination in designing environmental solutions, and to make the non-academic world see how education can offer real-world value. When education can offer such value, proposals will attract suitable resources, and thus a virtuous circle will develop that improves educational environments, elevates local economics and industrial developments, and enhances production and employment rates.

2. Integrating the Social Innovation Co-working Platform with operational business model development and application” (2019)

This project adds a specific focus to the Social Innovation Co-working Platform we devised in 2018. The research and development knowledge and energy of universities in the area are invested in a particular local enterprise, Tzuochuang Ltd., Co. This combination of our knowledge in research application and their local entrepreneurship experiences promotes advances in three major social issues: sustainable cities and countries, cross-generation co-creation, and social enterprises start-ups. Together, we set up shared co-working spaces, youth start-up teams, and cooperation models. As it promotes co-working between schools and enterprises, the project nurtures new social innovation teams and increases employment opportunities.

3. Undertaking “Cultivating trans-fields talents for social impact in finance” project (2019)

This project focuses on the social impact college teachers can have on society. It designs courses for teachers in the areas of social enterprise, foresight in technology, and finance, and promotes the building and managing of teachers’ social networks. As their courses take them from basic to advanced knowledge and from theories to practical application, and as we help them in planning their lessons and collecting teaching materials, teachers will be able to co-research and develop teaching methods and materials that guide students toward greater awareness of social issues. Moreover, teachers and students can construct solutions together, and their experiences can be improved, duplicated, promoted and shared.


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